Allman's Electric Stove

Anti bullying ad on VH1 is catchy... as in revenge of the nerds... nerds today… bosses tomorrow… but insinuates the revenge will be in the form of unfair treatment... when in actuality it’s just true… brains are money:
John Boehner opponent JD Winteragg lost his job as French professor at a Christian college over this ad:
Republican Rep Sean Spicer goes before CNN Judge Carol Costello as she demands names of black big wigs in the RNC... never mind one cannot name one prominent black leader of the DNC… who can? ( an African American....)
Spokesman for state farm insurance is taking the "opportunity" to protest racist Clippers owner by pulling sponsorships… again… Where were they in 2009?
Immigrant archive project asks the same question of Americans as asked of immigrants… the Blaze says these people are voters but that’s never confirmed on tape... still… if they do vote:
Ah the old Joe McCarthy "embolden" argument the left wing extremists are using to shut people up and smear conservatives: * Note: Agreeable Ed Schultz race baiter Michael Eric Dyson