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Illinois listeners, we have your Congressman on with us today. He was in town and had to come by and see Jamie.
The former ambassador to Kenya, who was fired in 2012 for using a private email account in violation of State Department policy set by then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, told CNN that his dismissal was unfair in light of the Clinton revelations. Scott Gration, a retired...
Melissa Harris Perry., Selma about reproductive rights... (particularly in the south?) What?
Obama basically accuses Republicans of they issue letter to Iran...hey this is the pen and phone guy… thought he didn't care about congress...?
Jamie asks Ferguson Mayor James Knowles what it was like to be with George Stephanopoulos on ABC's "This Week." In the middle of the call, Brother Bob calls in!
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Mayor Knowles' actual first interview in the aftermath of the DOJ release of their findings in Ferguson: