Allman's Electric Stove

Sorry Mr. President, but Jonathan Turley points out that you've had an awful ten days.
Josh Hawley joins AITM to talk about Hobby Lobby!
The trucker honked at the trooper for speeding and being on his cell phone... the trooper sings a different tune when he finds out he's being recorded.
HIllary once again with an example of how she has no understanding of how stuff works in this country... CLICK HERE Photo courtesy
Why we love the world cup… so we can be treated to true third world genius...
Chris Rock at a monster truck event asking about BET… What could go wrong? By the way you can barely ask about James Madison in public schools so WTF? CLICK HERE TO WATCH VIDEO
I agree with leftist Katrina Van Den Huevel but you can tell she is not confident in her view… as she attacks Bill Kristol after making a challenge to him and would then not let him answer... this is a pretty typical leftist rhetorical tactic… I get it every time… they reach out...