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Elliot Spitzer says, “ok, I'll do it for a dollar…” the other guy Scott Stringer whom I respect I want the salary…funny she didn’t ask him... This is a link to Share your comments with...
Georgia Tech Convocation speaker Nick Selby interviewed by Neil Cavuto. Selby surprised at confusion among students..little does he know or admit... Nothing fake about him.... He’s asked about poltiics....and how odd it is that Cavuto thinks politivcs may be the end all..but isn...
Obamacare creates 600 jobs? Jamie's response to another St. Louis PD article... you know how he loves those... Music From Today's Show: Anthem – Charles Glenn 522 Closer – The Urge 537 Six Weeks – Of Monsters and Men 550 Be Still My Heart – The Postal Service 637 Gone, Gone,...
Jamie chats with Senator Talent about explosions in Syria and Bradley Mannings...odd...announcement. Share your comments with Jamie below!
Tuffy Gessling interviewed says it was just another rodeo President clown... Share your comments with Jamie below!
She calls support of second amendment "pro-gun" but would never call support of abortion "pro-death”… and I would assign such descriptions to either… but ideological hacks like Joy Reid say pro-second amendment people must be sick. Share your comments with Jamie below!
White house Deputy Press Secretary Josh Earnest says Chris Lane who? Huh? Share your comments with Jamie below!
Democrat Senate candidate trying to unseat Mitch McConnell gives a great liberal response as to why Obamacare is needed... as she appears at a state fair. Share your comments with Jamie below!
Liberal guiltest Anthony Weiner calls them poor people jobs… restaurant workers... perhaps if he paid them to lick at his pants down they’d be wealthier Share your comments with Jamie below!