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Jake Tapper asks legit but liberal quesation of US sen Mike Lee ..about health notice now the focus is on pre-existing conditons..when before it was about affordable care for EVERYONE..Obama and media have changed the story...also notice that Tapper assumes because...
Oh yes, Romeo Rose....wants to date a thin white girl..."sleepless in” what happens when stupid lib media gourges on "viral" videos...they get a little much. Dude ruins his dating publicity...saying he doesn’t like black women... Share your thoughts with Jamie Below
An intense interview with Fox New Sunday's Chris Wallace: Share your comments with Jamie below! Today's Music: Anthem – (Requested by Kevin) The Gaither Vocal Band 520 Skip to the bip – Club Des Belugas 537 All Nite Diner – Modest Mouse 550 Jessica – The Allman Brothers Band 637...
Jamie chats with Senator Roy Blunt: listen to find out how he will vote on cloture. Share your comments with Jamie below!
Chris Matthews slams Mr. Smith Goes to Washington: Share your comments with Jamie below!
Carney on enrolling in Obamacare questioned by Ed Henry Share your comments with Jamie below!
Rand Paul: Why doesn’t the President voluntarily take Obamacare? Share comments with Jamie below!
Jonah Goldberg with an interesting article on the similarties between President Obama and Senator Cruz. CLICK HERE Share your comments with Jamie below!