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Have a great Labor Day weekend. We are LIVE Monday at 6a. Enjoy The Week That Was and here is today’s music: Anthem – The Fray 522 The General Specific – Band of Horses 537 Transatlantic – Quantic 550 No One’s Gonna Love You – Band of Horses 637 Dragula – Rob Zombie 648 Default...
If McDonalds NEVER opened another restaurant and never employed another soul. Share your thoughts with Jamie below!
Great reporting my Matt Scezney after the bimbettes at Channel 4 declare that Perry is here to steal jobs...without any attribution whatsoever...horrible example of the train wreck bias that os local news... Share your thoughts with Jamie below!
It was great to have Ryan Christensen and Cheif Kevin Brensinger of the US Coast Guard in studio today! A big thanks for their time and support of the show! Anthem – Charles Glenn 522 Change - Churchill 537 Imagination – Rolling Stone 550 Keep The Care Running – Arcade Fire 637...
We had the chance to speak to TX Governor Rick Perry this morning! Governor Perry will be at the Double Tree Hotel in Chesterfield tonight at 5! CLICK HERE for more information! Share your comments with Jamie below!
Senator Jim Talent helps short through the Syria confusion. Share your comments with Jamie below!
Judy Woodruff begs Obama to attack Syria... Share your comments with Jamie below!
Nations only black Senator not invited to speak at MLK event... CNN of all outlets addressed it... and an NPR correspondent Michael Martin. Of all people...raised the question...only to be shut down. Given content of character not color...maybe that’s ok... Share your comments...
Clinton says its harder to vote than get an assault weapon....really? Share your comments with Jamie below!