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Rubio Rips Hillary: She 'Began a Take Us Back to yesterday...Yesterday Is Over'
How the Obamas opted their children out of high-stakes standardized tests . USA Today Columnist Goes Where Good Morning America Wouldn't: With Air 62 Pct. Cleaner, Look at Obama Himself As Possible Cause For Malia's Asthma. YouGov poll: 57% of “very religious” Americans say...
Jamie's mashup of Hillary Clinton's Announcement, Max Headroom and the Wizard of Oz
A Crane Accident gets Animated by Taiwanese tv. Fatal Construction Accident Crane Drops 209 Ton Steel Box Girder Onto Road Below More Videos & Games at Tellyshack | Video
Hey, its ok to molest a 13 year old as long as you are a woman....female power!!!! Now that's affirmative action!!!...with Barbara Walters and Mary Kay Letourneau!!! ABC Breaking US News | US News Videos
Divorce court chick gets accused of getting it on with the Wu Tang Clan...
The Rand Paul bashing continues: he talks with Chuck Todd....and it's not fun for chuck... and very revealing... "welcome to the NFL? " Then Dana Bash piles on (love the "perception is reality"). Bash goes back for another...this time about you know who.... See it all HERE.