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Jamie and the Judge discuss guns, Syria and Constitution Day! Today's Music: Anthem – US Navy 520 Katy Perry – Wide Awake 537 John Hiatt – Shredding The Document 550 True Romance – Citizens! 637 Wild – Royal Teeth 648 My Body – Young The Giant 737 Royals - Lorde 748 Aganju –...
Did you miss part of the show today? Catch up with Jamie’s interview with Dr. David Hogberg from the Natural Center for Public Policy Research and his Health Care report. Share your comments with Jamie below!
Goat sounds...(Tricia loves these goats) Share your comments with Jamie below!
Joe Biden and John Kerry seems like excellent fake faced white guy bedfellows... Biden his fake huge horse teeth... and Kerry with his Joan Rivers face... saying John Kerry the best ever after a year forget Hillary... or any of the others... Henrey Kissinger? Jeez...could he...
Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton... who hasn't opened her fat mouth hatdly at all to defend her fellow citizens gunned down every day... decides this is a good moment to be political... But its OK for her to render judgement on guns... Share your comments with Jamie below!
DC Mayor Vincent Gray says Terrorism has not been ruled out... Share your comments with Jamie below!
Obama on shooting: Conservatives acting like whiney liberals as they play into the answer white house gave to whiney liberal reporters about cancelling economy remarks during shooting stuff... Share you comments with Jamie below!
Jamie's top clip-picks from this morning’s show... George Stephanopoulos points out a "defining moment" for the "Commander in Chief", Ed Schultz is in disbelief, and Ricky Gervais is literally speechless. Share your comments with Jamie below!
Miss the show? Check out Jamie's take on Obamacare and get caught up! Share your comments with Jamie below!