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Jamie and Stacy discuss the national news media's consistant and dangerous push to make something out of nothing in Ferguson.
Jamie and Jimmy discuss last nights address where President Obama announced his executive action on immigration. Carafano thinks it was an absolute trainwreck. Hear what he has to say:
By now you've likely heard all 6-10? videos of Obamacare Architech Jonathan Gruber mocking the American voters by questioning their intellegence when it came to getting the ACA passed. If you missed anything this video pretty much sums it up:
McConnell says President Obama is making things worse with this executive action. Obama didn't want to take the chance of not getting EVERYTHING he wanted when the Senate changes in six weeks. Hence the hasty executive action.
Will he? That's funny because we heard him refering to illegals as people who "pick our fruit and make our beds".
There are some criticizing the Mayor for sitting down with demonstrators. Why? At this point the more support and involvement in the community from "both sides" the better. The peaceful protesters and demonstrators are exercising their 1st Amendment right -- something...
The Star Spangled Banner – the Mormon Tabernacle Choir 5:20 I Go to Extremes – Billy Joel 5:35 Glitter Gulch – the Costello Show ft. the Attractions & Confederates 5:50 Itchin’ on a Photograph – Grouplove 6:20 When Jesus Left Birmingham – John Mellencamp 6:50 Highway Patrol...
Sandra and Jamie discuss possible changes in the market when the Grand Jury finally reaches a verdict. Sandra also has the inside scoop on how the markets will be affected by the Presidents announcement and possible executive action on immigration: