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Money Honey Maria Bartiromo joins Jamie this morning and speaks candidly about fellow "journalist" Brian Williams and the on-going reaction to his "misremembering".
Jordan strikes in response to the execution of a Jordanian pilot by ISIS. This video is kind of inspiring really: - Jordan launches new air strikes against ISIL for revenge
It's not the right that started the anti vaccine debate, as evidenced by RFK Jr & Jenny McCarthy. The Daily Show Get More: Daily Show Full Episodes , Indecision Political Humor , The Daily Show on Facebook Here's Dr. Nepute to open the discussion:
Here is a letter from someone in the know: "As I do every morning on my drive to work I was listening to your show. This morning’s interview with Sen. McCaskill proved she has a clear agenda, and a very foggy memory about the events in Ferguson. I am a commander with the St...
Lies upon lies upon lies. Let's start almost 2 years ago (around 3:45 in) Then let's jump to last week: He got caught, had to apologize - but still lied in the apology. (An hour behind isn't truly "following.') Don't forget, Hillary lied about this kinda thing too:
Jamie and Kennedy talk about her fued with Keith Ablow. Plus, Jamie brings up an old video!
Was there a cover up? A lawyer named David Slawson says so. "Half a century after the Warren Commission concluded there was no conspiracy in John F. Kennedy’s assassination, the commission’s chief conspiracy hunter believes the investigation was the victim of a 'massive cover-up...
Jamie speaks to Clair McCaskill about Ferguson and health care. Photo courtesy