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Mitch McConnell points out how the benefit argument is an admission that policies trying to improve lives have failed... McConnell says Republicans do have answers and points to the laziness of the left...what a shame.
Obama sounds like Ed Sullivan for a quick second... Obama touts examples of growth and the need to continue....even as he begs for more prop up money....but more importantly he never says how shoveling more funds towards expired unemployment benefits truly help… Then the over...
Jonah Goldberg on the joke that is the extension of unemployment benefits… which really is a Band-Aid:
9/11 fraud scam used doctors and lawyers....Brian Ross:
Laugh in compilation: Lily Tomlin and Edward G Robinson!
Lily Tomlin as Ernestine the telephone employee...she snorts: Lily Tomlin - Ernestine Sketch - watch more funny videos
Jamie chates with Todd Starnes about the continued push to eliminate religion, Christmas and the likes from society.
At some point the MSM decided they no longer wanted report crime stories in "North St. Louis"... thus they decided they would break St. Louis into neighborhoods noone had ever heard of... Don't be fooled by this ruse... Jamie has the story... Today's Music : Anthem – Ricochet...