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The big transfats story... your government at work... report pulls sausage biscuits from a vending machine... calls consumers "unwitting". Geez... from Chicago:
Biden calls yet another Marty Walsh to wish congrats...first one was wrong Marty…this one went to VM...Biden could have tried to make sure...but his staff appears dumber than he is...should have asked NSA for the number. Share your comments with Jamie below!
US Army Veteran transformed... led off into right direction... time lapse video: Share your comments with Jamie below!
Walmart even has website issues...over past 24 hours... Kayaks for 11 bucks... cans of Lysol for 100 Share your comments with Jamie below!
Jamie brings you more lies from our Commander in Chief + unblelievably biased reporting out of Detroit: Today's Music : Anthem – Charles Glenn 520 Miricale Mile – Cold War Kids 537 Knotty Pine – Dirty Projectors & David Byrne 550 Without You = David Guetta feat. Usher 622 I...
Jamie and Jim discuss the hilarious Obamacare mocking that took place at last nights CMA awards: Share your comments with Jamie below!
Even before Fox 2 in Detroit knows the facts of the case... they fan the flames... now you know how these so called racist events get started and fueled... keep in mind the anchor Huel Perkins says in the lead the body was dumped... even though seconds later the reporter refutes...