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Mr. West and Jamie discuss the upcoming Educational Policy Confrence as well as The Allen West Guardian Fund!
Ted Cruz once again goes for the he should...with Mark Levin:
Mike Huckabee attacked for this? His war FOR women comments:
NFL video shows Richard Sherman was mic'd up and was conciliatory with Crabtree before he went on with Erin Andrews… patted Crabtree’s butt and reached a hand out and said helluva game and was greeted with a push into his face: CLICK HERE
Jamie and Senator Talent discuss Benghazi vs. "Bridgegate" and why and how the MSM could/would confuse, blend and misrepresent coverage. Today's Music : Anthem – US Navy Band 520 Human – The Killers 537 No More Looking Back – The Kinks 550 Singin’ In The Rain – Gene Kelly 622 My...
Hey someone in the media is noticing bridgegate /benghazi gap... Jake Tapper though tries to defend: