Allman's Electric Stove

ABC news shockingly balanced coverage of Benghazi:
Floods in Florida…. News chick talking about how hard it is to get around and some dude pops out on a ten foot circus bike:
"BOYS": Old vile white liberal troll Harry Reid... decides to exploit the moment... notice how he says Sterling’s racist "behavior... and then ties it in to Redkins controversy... what up with the "Madame president" thing? "MEN": Talk about "big thinkers" as Rove described Jeb...
What you get with live wildfire coverage with KTLA:
Another outbreak of common sense… this time from Bill Maher... then you notice also Chris Hayes... who would never agree with Maher had he been a Republican… but also notice how Hayes has been covering for Obama on spying... so it’s not surprising:
CNN Dana Bash with some common sense as she confronts Congressman Bennie Thompson for calling Clarence Thomas an “uncle tom”... he doesn’t want decisions based on the constitution… instead of on minority interests:
Another brave black common sense soul schools the white liberal guiltiest and shuck and jivers ...this time in William Rhoden… we had Jared Reid, Bomani Jones, Kevin Jackson, Jay Stewart, Marc Cuban... he’s sitting there with the ultimate white liberal guiltiest Chris Matthews...
ABC 7 eyewitness news on da case!!! On Stiviano the girl linked to Sterling... this story is amazing in its weirdness... says she will be future president: CLICK HERE TO WATCH VIDEO