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Not unusual to confuse Declaration of Independence with Constitution but to have self-described scholars who think they know what best for America and what the founding fathers and Jesus would do oughta get it right...Nancy gets it wrong. Touré Doesn’t know Where Kenya is;...
The Bible according to left-wing tax cheat and celebrated charlatan Charlie Rangel...Jesus was a social security guy. 4) Liberal Bob Beckel goes ape on… Muslims in the US…as his signature... (:49 the time has come.....) This is a link to
Jamie and the Judge discuss the possibility of defunding Obamacare + the Judge's feelings of frustration with the Pope. Today's Music: Anthem – Moron Tabernacle Choir 520 Supermassive Blackhole - Muse 537 Roll Away Your Stones – Mumford and Sons 550 Fat Man in the Bathtub -...
Jamie and Dr. Tobler discuss the morphing of the Constitution, progressivism, and where we are today. Share your comments with Jamie below!
Harry Reid overplaying his hand... Vegas style Share your comments with Jamie below!
Harry Reid Brilliant Thelma and Louise rant... Louise...shoot the radio This is a link to The scene that made Brad Pitt famous… and one of the greatest scenes of all time...with Geena Davis... Share your comments with Jamie below!
Obama... I haven’t had a cig because I’m scared of my wife... Share your thoughts with Jamie below!
Anyone for a redo? Bush is cool because he says "our" President. CLICK HERE Share your comments with Jamie below!
Rand Paul on Fox News says Obamacare for everyone even as he sits with Elisabeth Hasselback... Paul admits the defund is a start… not a point of panic... Share your comments with Jamie below!