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Anyone for a redo? Bush is cool because he says "our" President. CLICK HERE Share your comments with Jamie below!
Rand Paul on Fox News says Obamacare for everyone even as he sits with Elisabeth Hasselback... Paul admits the defund is a start… not a point of panic... Share your comments with Jamie below!
Politico's Mike Allen has his lips firmly planted on the rear of none other than Nancy Pelosi... so much for unbiased journalism. Hear what Jamie thinks about it... Today's Music: Anthem – USMC Band 520 ThisKidsNotAlright - AwonNation 537 The Other Side – Red Hot Chili Peppers...
Jamie and the Gray Falcon discuss OBAMACARE... to defund or not to defund... that is the question.... Share your comments with Jamie below!
Congressman Peter King wants to run for Prez as a conservative....or a republican or whatever....being a prostitute for the Irish Republican Army will be the least of his he full out attacks strong common sense conservatives like Ted Cruz and Rand Paul... Share...
Dude gets flagged by campus guards...can’t hand out copies of Constitution on Constitution Day at Modesto Junior College... woman in office calls someone and talks of "constitution type" gets worse as it goes along. Share your comments with Jamie below!
Claire Mccaskill resorts to the whiney chick trick--when someone disagrees with's a tantrum...she says Americans voted for Obamacare in 2012..thats not talk about tantrums....she personifies it. Chris Wallace says he got opp research on Ted Cruz before...
Mike Allen of Politco can’t separate his lips from Nancy Pelosi's ass as he asked about Republican scorn… Then, Allen doubles down in the ass kissing category. Share your comments with Jamie below!
Denise...Denise...Denise (De-nice? is there a De-nice? ...) Share your comments with Jamie below!