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Obama sites another person in audience who contradicts everything he stands for regarding government involvment. He cites female "regular gal" who is CEO of GM- Mary Barra- and even John Boehner...then crescendos with women..even after he cites woman CEO...what?!
Great message from Obama..he almost sounded like Reagan! Do what you can to raise your employees wages! The very example obama used was a man who did so without government involvement! Yet Obama says government should be the one to set wages.
Claire Mccaskill decides that Ran Paul comments about Bill and Monica consitutes a war on women ..Claire says all is good as long as the economy is good..nice female perspective. Guess Claire's Husband (who is rich) has quite the hall pass. Both she and Andrea Mitchell forget...
Jamie is amazed at how no one is seeing the brilliance of Thomas Perkins in his non-apology apology. Plus today's music (hello Rush fans!) 1/28/14 Anthem – Charles Glenn 520 Anthem Part 2 – Blink 182 537 Feel the Tide – Mumford & Sons 550 Supermassive Black Hole – Muse 610...
Jamie found this great story about a guy who is moving to Saint Louis from California. CLICK HERE
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