Allman's Electric Stove

Before he was swown in as Missouri's 2nd Dictrict Senator, Dr. Bob Onder stopped by Allman in the Morningto talk to Jamie in the Rotunda.
Click here to see who didn't vote for Boehner (or Pelosi)
Jamie wants people to know the gas prices going down is a good thing and Sharyl Attkisson is sick of being spied upon, so she's suing the government.
Jamie wonders aloud if Mr. Starnes could (should?) replace Mike Huckabee on FNC.
National Anthem - United States Marine Corp. 5:20 Wake Up - Arcade Fire 5:35 Real World - Bruce Springsteen 5:50 Safe and Sound - Capital Cities 6:20 Nice To Know You - Incubus 6:50 Good Days and Bad Days - Kaiser Chiefs 7:20 Maps - Yeah Yeah Yeahs 7:50 Safe and Sound - Capital...
This was to be played after CNN signed off - for the last time, when the world ended. what
More Examples for White House Spokesman Josh Earnest just needing to be quiet:
Go to to see the awkward hug between the NJ Gov & the Cowboys owner.
Was there a reason for Keisha Knight Pulliam not seeking Bill Cosby's help when she was on The Celebrity Apprentice? How Cosby Got Keshia Knight Pulliam Fired on 'Apprentice'