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Trey Gowdy on Obama promises for illumination. It was Obama himself who promised to get to the bottom of it all: NOTE: Former prosecutor Gowdy challenges the medi: (:54 im not telling you how to do your job...) On Hillary disappearing act: (2:16 do any of you know why Susan Rice...
The Lightning Round! Today's edition... Jeb Bush love, Benghazi, + crazy "uncle" Joe makes an appearace! Today's Music : Anthem – Ricochet 522 I Got to Extremes – Billy Joel 535 Dangerous – Big Data ft. Joywave 550 Change – Churchill 622 China Girl – David BowieHell 650 Hell...
Representative Keith English makes a surprise guest appearance. The world needs more of this common sense bi-partisan ship!
Lib-nuts are sure to go crazy over this as long as Joni Ernst makes her play to replace Tom Harkin in Iowa: CLICK HERE TO WATCH VIDEO
CBS news president at the time David Rhodes proves even the media thought it was a terror attack:
Why women hate men....and why men hate men like this:
Joe Trippi a democrats says worried about Jeb Bush...beware: