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FBN and FNC's lovely Sandra Smith has the lowdown on all of your market happenings. Plus cappuccino flavored potato chips?
As a long time season ticket holder to the Muny, Jamie has seen his fair share of musicals in Forest Park. Last night's performance of the Addams Family rubbed him the wrong way. Find out why. What do you think?
Based on a "feeling thermometer" this Pew poll ranks the most favorable religions in the United States. CLICK HERE to see the list What do you think?
It's no longer touted as "global warming" as it's easier to classify ANYTHING as a "climate change" related issue. In this case turbulance on one flight. Huh?
Six years ago, this woman was quoted as saying if elected Barack Obama would pay her gas and mortgage. Filmmaker Joel Gilbert followed up with her while working on his newest film, "No Place Like Utopia" and it seems things haven't worked out exactly as she'd expected. This is...
Anthem – The Oak Ridge Boys 520 Hello My Old Heart – The Oh Hello’s, There is a Mountain – Donovan 535 Get Me to the Church on Time – Frank Sinatra 550 Lips Like Sugar – Echo and the Bunnymen, Catch the Wind – Donovan 620 Ooh La La – The Faces, Springsteen – Eric Church 650...
Our beloved congresswoman joins Jamie to give us an update on illegal immigration and what the big-wigs in DC are saying about it.
Jamie and Julius use to be good friends. Now they don't speak, as they have very different political leanings and Julius could not handle it. In the wake of reflection on KMOV's 60 year special, Jamie uncovers a very important life lesson.
Hillary Clinton appeared with Jon Stewart on the Daily Show. For the most part Stewart did a decent job with the interview. However, when Hillary is asked about her "broke" comment she claims an "inartful use of words". By definition (Pippy looked it up as she was unfamiliar...