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ISIS is no in control of an airforce base... moving up from hijacking... Clearly the threat is real but what does it mean?
Lemonade selling Florida boy's worst enemy is not the government but a neighbor:
Meh, let him play golf. He's not changing things for the better when he is paying attention... (:45 ...Egypt and the UAE acting alone…)
Irony Alert! Gov Jay Nixon says no one should "prejudge" Michael Brown case on State of the Nation:
Don Lemmon wants more but does say the media spectacle needs to cool off and tourist need to clear out: (:31 …I think it's important…)
Sharpton did a decent job here. Still not sure why he's here... but his keeping the peace and fixing the problem message could be worse:
From The Gateway Pundit : New audio recorded from a video chat - shots heard:
Tim Fitten president of judicial watch says EVERYTHING the government does is backed up and saved. The issue with retrieving? Too much work. Irony.