Allman's Electric Stove

Stereotypes are funny... Let's leave Colbert alone twitterers:
This is what happens when Surdyke sells a bike! brightcove.createExperiences();
Hilarious Jon Stewart hot on Morning Joe… guess no one wants an semblance of common sense on the airwaves...the last remaining mainstream enemy daring to question Obama: CLICK HERE TO WATCH VIDEO
Mike Malloy… liberal talk radio host has a meltdown over gun rights supporters... he railed against Georgia's Safe Carry Protection Act , which would allow licensed gun owners to bring concealed carry weapons to schools, bars, churches, airports and government offices. Why...
Kobe Bryant says he refuses to be dragged into the Trayvon Martin unquestioning support among black cultural heroes. Common sense radio guy. CLICK HERE FOR ARTICLE
If you're interested in learning more about Tony and his campaign check out his website:
Obama whore Chris Hayes… who after ratings hit rock bottom started to wear a tie… they even changed camera angle to have Chris Hayes looking over us... to make him bigger... still isn't smartened up to the ways of his liberal masters… as they say they delay in Obamacare is just...