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Jay says this term is actual worse than using the "N-word" but most people don't realize; t his in reponse to Charles Barkley's " Dirty Dark Secret " about black on black oppression. Jay also chimes in on Hillary's " Trickle Down Economics Don't Work " speech.
Barkley is catching a ton of heat for this interview. He's never has been one to keep his opinions to himself. The problem is greater than "black on black" crime... Barkley says "black on black" ridicule and oppression when seeking success is the real problem:
Sick Obama clone, Hillary, with her take on the role of business in economy; eerily reminiscent of the infamous, "You didn't build that" speech. Businesses and corporations have nothing to do with economic growth and prosperity and they most certainly do not create jobs. What?
Governor Christie joined Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday over the weekend. When asked about the escalating Ebola problem, Christie says government needs to step up and handle the situation. Asking for volunteers isn't enough. Well, that's probably true but as Jamie stated this...
Oscar Taveras was a shining light on the future of the Cardinals ball club. He will be missed. Rest in peace. A look back to May at his MLB debute homer:
This guy on his way home from work had the audacity to stop and ask the police why the road was blocked. When he returned to his car he was summarily beaten by protesters... all the while shouting, "I just want to go home..." It seems the majority of the actual PEACEFUL...
Carol Costello who mocked Bristol Palin turns out she's a tried and true Obama girl… celebrating First Lady's ability to sign laws… This is a woman who's made it a national CNN anchor. Some people ONLY watch CNN... Unnerving:
Denys celebrates her 29th birthday all over again! Greek yogurt cheese cake, new vinyl, tequila + more!
Is Mitch McConnell in trouble in Kansas? The race for the Senate may be much closer than you'd imagine. Jamie has the details on how the Senate race is getting even closer as we head into election day. Listen Here