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In a piece entitled, "Is the World Becoming Fed Up?" author Victor Davis Hansen gives a sound theory on why Trump is polling so well depite his brash approach. Click HERE to read article
It turns out not all ants carry 5,000 times their body weight; some ants just sit around doing nothing. Wow, sounds like human society... Jamie brings this story full circle, "all the conventional wisdoms out there are being shattered day by day... times have changed..." Hear...
Illegal immigrant shoots people then says he chose San Francisco because it doesn’t care about illegals... ABC news reports:
The best part of this is that he doesn’t believe it. Much like his gun control thing.
4:00AM. The band African Express just wrapped a 5-hour gig but musician Damon Albarn isn't finished. He starts singing, "Should I stay or should I go," encouraging an encore. Finally, Albarn is removed from stage:
National Anthem - US Navy Band 522 Sirens - Pearl Jam 535 Dukes Up - Modest Mouse 548 Say Yeah Yeah - Mocean Worker 622 That Old Black Magic - Louis Prima + Keely Smith 635 Only The Young - Journey 648 Read My Mind - The Killers 722 Shake It Out - Florence and the Machine 735...
Howard Kurtz of Media Buzz asks Trump about the criticism of his remarks on immigration. Trump's response in a nutshell, bite me. Hear the interview below:
Hillary attended the Independence Day Parade in Gorham, NH. In true royal fashion, her people made sure the press couldn't get anywhere near her highness. Here's a video of a reporter being pushed away from Hillary at the parade:
Jim and Jamie are reunited after an Alaskan adventure and an event filled holiday weekend. The Gateway Pundit is reporting on Trump's rising poll numbers, Obama's non-mention of God in his 4th of July address, more angry leftist torching flags, white people on the Minnesota flag...