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"Gentrification - a shift in an urban community toward wealthier residents and/or businesses and increasing property value" Reverend Larry Rice has been working with New Life Evangelistic Center since 1972. He's help countless numbers of St. Louisan's in need using donations and...
Oh Al, you're always good for a laugh:
MSNBC's Chris Hayes fails to take voter turn out into consideration:
Congratulations, St. Agatha! Jamie Allman and Denys Schaefer deliver a $5,000 check to Sarah, David, and Leslie from St. Agatha School in New Athens IL. St. Agatha was the winner of the 2014 FM NewsTalk 97.1 School Spirit Award, presented by Air Comfort Service and Lombardo...
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Anthem – Ricochet 520 Thrash Unreal – Against Me! 535 It’s Bad You Know – R.L. Burnside 550 The General Specific – Band Of Horses 620 Screaming John – Sonia Dada 650 Elevate – St. Lucia 720 Let’s Go Crazy – Prince 750 Second Hand News – Fleetwood Mac 820 Wishing (If I Had A...
Taking the time out of her travels to Nebraska for a Rutgers game, Jen joins the show, live! We just love her!!!!! Jamie even made a care package and Jen surprised him with a gift too:
Our esteemed State Senator Jamilah Nasheed was arrested over the weekend in Ferguson. Reportedly intoxicated and carrying a weapon (neither of which she was charged for). A Ferguson Police Officer involved in making the arrest called with the real story: KMOV Reports Arrest:
Insufferable Gov. Nixon refuses to answer questions about his "vigorous prosecution" (of Officer Wilson) comment. Thankfully, Adam Sharp doesn't let it go: .