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Here is the panicked former KFTK radio personality in the Iraq war. Hilarity at 7:00. Don't Panic - here's today's music: Anthem – The Band Perry 522 High School Lover - Cayucas 537 London in the Rain – Variety Lab 550 Anna Sun – Walk the Moon 637 Itchin’ on a Photograph –...
Here is this week's speech from Bob Woodson. Jamie spoke to him on the air this morning. It's hard to rock the RNC, but Mr. Woodson made it happen. Share your thoughts with Jamie below!
Miss the show? Check out Jamie's hot poker from Texas and listen to him put it in the haters. Share your comments with Jamie below!
Obama: Oh yeah now that you mention it MLK would love Obamacare yes absolutely why yes of course thanks for asking. Share your comments with Jamie below!
HuffPost interviews director of "America v Iraq" and demands dick Cheney apology…btw what are you harrumphing about HuffPo host? Share your comments with Jamie below!
Marketing genius Joe Scarborough hates that MTV awards cater to teen girls…and makes the unreal advancement in making left wing nut Howard Dean look like a genius...even Eugene Robinson sounds conservative in schooling Scarborough on being a real conservative. Visit
was Bobby Riggs a mafia stoolie? Throwing 1973 match with Billie Jean King… video platform video management video solutions video player Share your comments with Jamie below!
Hitler and Germany declare war on the US. Matthews: even Hitler didn’t use chemical weapons Share your comments with Jamie below!
Eccentric as ever, Todd Starnes gives Jamie his impression of the VMAs! And Jamie uncovers the real question mark behind the event! Anthem – US Heritage Band 522 Give Up The Gun – Vampire Weekend 537 Spaceman – The Killers 550 Hallelujah – Helio Project 637 North American Scum...