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Jamie spoke to the Senator this morning about the VA and Iran. "Even if the President thinks this a good deal, the Congress and the American people don't think this a good thing. And I can guarantee you, this is not a good thing for the future of a peaceful world." Hear the...
Stacy brought some of her friends to her Planned Parenthood demonstration. '...there were so many people. I was almost, like 'Is this the right thing?' 'Cuz it's usually not that large. It was 700+ people and it was an amazing event. Hear the interview here:
Trump Invites Audience Member on the Stage in S.C. to Check if He’s Wearing a Toupee.
In addition to Chris' phone being tapped, he postulated on VP Joe Biden getting into the 2106 Presidential race: "...this is classic media stuff, you can see the media egging him in because we like a good story. You know as soon as he gets in, that everybody will start running...
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Kevin Jackson adds to the Ramos/Trump discussion. Kevin notes the irony of Trump kicking Ramos out and then bringing him back in "legally". Hear his interview with Jamie below:
Katie Couric presses Fiorina on climate change and Fiorina puts things into perspective: Carly Fiorina fires off at Katie Couric about climate change and wow, all I can say is wow! Posted by Conservative 50 on Monday, August 17, 2015