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Jamie and Todd talk Christianity in our public school systems... Thoughts?
Did you miss part of the show today? In the Lightning Round we coverd ObamaCare, dumb MSNBC and Sarah Palin/ Mario Lopez love Plus, today's music 1/14/14 Anthem – Charles Glenn 520 Future Times / Rejoice – Yes 537 Dreams I’ll Never See – Molly Hatchet 550 Don’t You (Forget About...
Turns out Christie got in bed with Obama over Sandy… and now Obama is kissing and telling… and now media is leaving Obama out of the quid pro quo... turns out in exchange for kissing Obama ass... Christie got a campaign bump approved and in concert with Obama… once again Obama...
Old get off my lawn jerk shoots a movie theater patron for texting: CLICK HERE
O’Reilly tries to push around Mary Katherine Ham on the marijuana issue he looks like a total idiot. Had he paid as much attention to his kids as he did his interns... he’d know you can’t get much more prevalent than now... O’Reilly decides he’s going to make it about kids… but...
Extras Mario Lopez... who knew… gives a lot of love to Sarah Palin and asks her about Katie Couric having her show canceled.
Excellent perspective from George Will on "frontrunners"… as he discussed Chris Christie:
Robert Gates has a neck brace on and interviewed by Katie on her boring show: CLICK HERE
Dumb bimbos on MSNBC and their male slave have no memory of the Nixon "enemy list" or the Obama "enemy list" as they discuss how amazing it is that Hillary has a list: