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Left-wingers acknowledging Obamacare fails, illegal (and criminal) immigrants released & more...
Photo by The trailer for Patricia Heaton's mom’s night out... audiences love it critics don’t... go figure:
Photo by Race extortionist Jesse Jackson now wants to go after eBay and Google... some of the most successful companies around... says they are racist: CLICK HERE TO WATCH VIDEO
If Senator Dianne Feinstein is making you look like left wing whiney and exploitive hack then you are in trouble... as was Andrea Mitchell:
LIBERAL sports writer William Rhodes talks about NBA and NFL "intolerance" debate and says being punished for words is dangerous: But Washington Post EDITOR Jonathan Capehart says it’s not a two way street it’s a one way street... WHOA. (:58 tolerance...)
Amazing… even NPR reporting on what Obamacare is doing to small companies... one in this story may drop its health insurance coverage and plans altogether: CLICK HERE TO HEAR STORY
Magic Johnson takes the high road just before the NBA sticks it firmly up Sterling's rear: (1:14 even if I see him today)
Black guy asked the toughest question of Michael Sam... (2:15 michael have you had a one on one conversation...) CLICK HERE TO WATCH VIDEO