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Jamie chats up with Rob Rains from Jupitar! Lets go Birds... and Blues!!! CLICK HERE for Robs latest video of the trip!
Kimmel ruins everything by getting into twitter war on cam and insulting audience...does he noit know twitter people are fans etc… spending money....celebs respond to twitter way too much: CLICK HERE
Mike Rogers of Michigan house intelligence chair hands Obama and Putin both of their asses re policy...
Famed asshole Bill Murray accounts for being a famed asshat to Harold Ramis… Caddyshack stripes etc... CLICK HERE
Thought this was a joke… or that Mannix had a new black friend:
Wow is Lupita Nyong'o cute! One of the greatest Oscar speeches of all time: CLICK HERE
Full glory of Jared Leto and his award his family. His story... and a message most of the academy doesn’t get most of those whores for oppression and Obama: Ohh the vine: The Ukraine!!!!