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Find out The Black Sphere's take on the Hobby Lobby case + what does the Ball Park Village dress code actually mean?
Years ago Dan Rather wrote Jamie a letter... naturally he saved it: Jamie and Dan at Maryville University's Speaker Series: PLUS Dan Rather's Infamous Exchange with President Nixon:
NBC news spent time on this... 3 minutes of what is short news time... the anti-zombie cologne:
This is technically harrassment... since Shep's a Fox News guy I guess that doesn't matter... also, does anybody care if he is or isn't gay? Article from Gawker: "On Thursday night around 9 p.m., the Fox News anchor and I stepped out onto East 27th Street, outside the Prince...
Huffington post girl thinks she’s going to get Jimmy Carter top lather up for a big war on women massage... pay inequality… sexual harassment... women religion violence and power but the chick wanted the women thing:
Zero tolerance run amuck in Grand Junction, Colorado… as a sympathy head shaving for nueroblastoma gets a child in trouble:
Meanwhile contraceptive and abortion enforcer in chief Obama will be visiting the Pope to rub his belly for some new found cred...hmmmmmmm… Rand Paul has other ideas:
MSNBC Joy Reid decides she going to interpret the justices in hobby lobby case... oh lordy... the freedom of choice girlfriend not so hot on choice these days… as those evil Catholic justices decide!
18 years ago Jamie took a road trip... Today's Music : Anthem – Ricochet 522 Shuffle – Bombay Bicycle Club 535 I Was a Kaleidoscope – Death Cab for Cutie 550 This Head I Hold – Electric Guest 622 Second Hand News – Fleetwood Mac 650 Walk – Foo Fighters 725 Breathe In – Frou Frou...