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Jake Tapper weakly tries to get behind the Orwellian phrase "embrace the suck". Regarding the budget deal but is that our legislative leadership? Embrace the suck: Share your comments with Jamie below!
You won't believe what's happening to Jim Hoft ...check it out! Today's Music : Anthem – Charles Glenn 520 Little Games – the Colourist 537 the One – the Who 550 Count Me In – 311 622 Pearl Necklace – ZZ Top 650 Intro – the xx 722 It – Prince 748 I Got a Woman – Toots & the...
Rodney Boyd has the scoop on Missouri's proposal for Boeing... check it out! Share your comments with Jamie below!
The outrageous violation of federal gov't in what seems to be a local DNA collecting effort... Share your comments with Jamie below!
As reported on O'REilly last night: ESPN Rejects Catholic Hospital Ad because of 'Jesus,'& 'God.' Share Your thoughts with Jamie below!
Reagan guy David Stockman attacks budget deal... interviewed by Rick Santelli: CLICK HERE Share your comments with Jamie below!
Jon Stewart is Obama's personal Harpo marx… but this time he's right... and also points out again McCain is a jerk... hanging out with terrorists and then condemning Obama for merely shaking hands with Castro... even as Obama has continued to hammer Cuba with penalties and...
Go to Mars! Many people are already signed up! Share your comments with Jamie below!
Gee you think you can tell how MSNBC feels about conservative opposition to "the deal"? It’s like anytime a republican does something and a conservative takes issue with it it’s like "oh come on" he’s a republican!! How can you argue with that how dare you! Imagine "oh here’s...