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After the State of the State, House Speaker John Diehl called in to tell Jamie the real story behind some of the statements the Governor made. Click Here to see the SotS and the Speaker's Response.
You need to hear Jamie's interview with Fox Business Network's Stuart Varney. It was the perfect combination of entertainment and information.
NBC softball on "petty" GOP - Lauer and Joe Biden
Jimmy makes a special guest appearance today as tensions and questions rise surrounding the American Embassy in Yemen. So far evacuation is still on the back-burner but the U.S. does have two Navy ships in place awaiting the order. Jim Carafano with the scoop below:
Kennedy joins Jamie this morning to discuss all things, SotU. *yawn* Okay so the SotU is never going to be exciting but Kennedy shares her solution for staying awake for the boring and frusterating presidential tradition. She does support the "drinking game" but feared she...
National Anthem - Ricochet 5:20 Second Hand News – Fleetwood Mac 5:35 Short Skirt Long Jacket – CAKE 5:50 Ho Hey – the Lumineers 6:37 Buena – Morphine 6:50 & 7:20 The Great Divide – the Mowglis The Great Divide - The Mowgli's 7:50 Bizarre Love Triangle – New Order 8:20 Tengo...
Former SEAL Cade Courtley (friend of Chris Kyle’s [American Sniper]) Calls Michaels Moore’s Career “A Confirmed Killed” w/ Don Lemon on CNN (don lemon seems shocked…)
A funny and as Jimmy points out "disturbing" edition of his regular segment, 'Lie Witness News'. "7 out of 14 people" asked yesterday were unaware that Martin L. King Jr. died in 1968. So unaware in fact they provided reactions for the "speech he gave at the capitol this morning...
I guess if I were Matthews I'd take Obama's jab at cable TV networks personally too. The guy has literally spent the last 6 years cheerleading for the Obama administration. Does seem like a smack in the face when you look at it that way. Ha.