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Pat Robertson attacks creationist: CLICK HERE for the Billy Nye/Ken Ham Debate
Doug Elmendorf CBO... take part beginning with quote: "the effect is..."
Did you Miss the show today? Catch up with Jamie's intervierw with Cardinal pitcher, Lance Lynn - who is the Honorary Chairman of Maryville University's Kids Rock Cancer event. Plus Today's Music: 2/5/14 Anthem – US Navy Band 520 The Funeral – Band of Horses 537 Never Going Back...
Did you miss part of the show today? Catch up with Jamie's interview with Pam Geller from Atlas Shrugs and hear her take on Presisent Obama's Super Bowl interview with Bill.
The council of economic advisors Jason Furman says the CBO report that 2.5 million people losing their jobs because of Obamacare is ok because imagine the choices: