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Miss part of the show today? Hear Jamie's interview with Stacy Washington from this morning. Share your thoughts with Jamie below!
SNL skit with Miley Cyrus as Michele Bachmann and some gay-looking dude as John Boehner singing about how this is our house and we can do whatever we want...and still amazing that the perception is that with Republicans controlling only a third of the govt this is the narrative...
Houston TV station great for local tv in reaction to school outrage over "humpday" Geico commercial. Share your comments with Jamie below!
The Seal Team Six Somalia story as told by some cheeseball from the Christian Science Monitor...never mind it yielded nothing.. Share your comments with Jamie below!
Everyone seemingly disturbed about "division" in GOP. Will says, “big deal.” Share your comments with Jamie below!
Soledad O’Brien resurfaces on ABC news just as airheaded as she was on CNN...this on the could we use the same argument defending assault if we are called "anarchists"? This is a link to
It’s hard to fight when you have a news media that has no basic understanding of the basic operation of a Republic which does not accommodate majority rule and, yes, even allows for changes in law even after the president has signed it. Case in point--the Bush tax cuts. To have...
Have a great weekend. We are off to watch sports. Enjoy The Week That Was and here is today’s music: Anthem – US Navy Band 520 Sail – Awolnation 537 Meet Me Halfway – Black Eyed Peas 550 I Go to Extremes – Billy Joel 637 Are You There (With Another Girl) – Dionne Warwick 648...
Chuck Todd with an unusual confrontation with my grade school girlfriend Debbie Wassermann Schultz... Share your comments with Jamie below!