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Uwe Boll tried to raise money for Rampage 3… it didn't work…now he's mad. He makes a point of saying he has enough money to play golf until he's dead... but he's a pompous a*hole who's shaming others for not funding his film...
Australian reporter, Alex Bernhardt, has a cigarette stubbed out on her face while questioning a witness in a murder trial. CLICK HERE to see video and read full story
With CNN's Dana Bash. Bash asks the Bruce-Caitlyn question of Graham. Would she be asking a democrat this question? Probably not. Regardless, Graham nails it:
National Anthem - Santana 522 Land Of Hope And Dreams - Bruce Springsteen 535 Are You Experienced - Jimi Hendrix 548 Act Naturally - Buck Owens 622 You're A Tourist - Death Cab For Cutie 648 Hey Man, Nice Shot - Filter 722 Right Here, Right Now - Jesus Jones 750 Don't Fence Me...
It's Monday and you know what that means... Sports update time with Rob Rains :
Jay Stewart talks Marco Rubio's actions over the weekend that he believes are aiding his chances for the GOP nomination:
Jim Hoft fills us in on all of the weeekend happenings: HECKLED: JPost Annual Conference: Jacob Lew talks about Iran agreement:
We had the opportunity to check in with @KateofNY and hear all about her v-log (video blog) and her cat Brian Williams ( @AnchorCatBrian )! Hear the hiliarious interview below: New York anchor, Kate Welshofer, makes a phone call confirming a BBQ appearance at the "100th block...
NBC's Tom Hammond calls the Belmont Stakes as American Pharoah becomes the 12th in history to take the crown: Your browser does not support iframes.