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Jim Carafano and Jamie talk about ISIS and basketball:
CNN's Barbara Starr points out that ISIS knows we have no strategy thanks to President Obama. Also, it's 2014 when President Obama announces a lack of strategy... guess what ISIS hears... "Hey, the US has no strategy!"
President Obama back in January made a statement about the TERRORIST group ISIS likening them to a JV team. Earnest is asked if that analysis is still 'accurate', and of course he doesn't answer the question:
Clinton asks how white people would feel if they were three times more likely to be pulled over...
President Obama admits that there is no strategy yet to bomb ISIS in Syria. CLICK HERE TO VIEW VIDEO
Here is the 2013 field sobriety test of Rosemary Lehmberg, the Texas DA who is the reason for the Rick Perry indictment.
He says if we want to fight ISIS, first we should pass amnesty.
Ryan says his decision will be made in 2015. CLICK HERE TO VIEW VIDEO