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Earnest answers the question! Just kidding... here's how it went:
Awe, Rachel. Obama didn't instruct the press he really just has no idea what's going on with ISIS and has nothing to make up for you. You would like the idea of him telling you what to report wouldn't you?
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Jamie and the Gateway Pundit discuss the presidents mistep in his ISIS announcment and how terrorists (and everybody else) is reacting to it:
This seems hard to believe and a few of you were skeptical when we aired the audio; however, this is real, and disturbing. As if our law enforcement agencies don't have enough with actual incidents and a MSM who has crucified them at every turn:
Krauthammer, a regular voice of reason, expresses his concern over the president's 'lack of plan' statement... if you don't have anything to say then shut the hell up!