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The Obama victory lap. the debate over repealing the law is over...lest let the chickens come home to roost.
Holy Grail found. Love the fact that the "anchor" thought it fit to remind people how famous the Holy Grail is by mentioning it was referenced in a Jay Z music video and in Monty Python. Dude, I think we know what the Holy Grail is famous for.
Tears of joy? Obama social media brigade attacking Julie Boonstra....who dared believe Obama...
An Obamacare update! (or whatever...) Today's Music : Anthem – Ricochet 522 Thrash Unreal – Against Me! 535 Jessica – Allman Brothers Band 550 Timebomb - Beck 622 Murderers – John Frusciante 650 Hate It When You Leave – Keith Richards / Fools – the Dodos 725 Crazy Train – Pat...
Jamie and Dr. Tobler discuss the problem with political royalty.
ESPN analyst Stephen Smith says Kobe was right on in not buying in to Trayvon mania… on Arsenio... (Kobe said he wasn’t going to defend Trayvon only because he was black)
The Hammer... on whether even with the "good" news is it worth the price... is it like asking Mrs. Lincoln how was the play?
Sister Cristina on the Italian Voice... Alicia Keyes… No One:
MONONTONE queen Sebelius and her "end of the day" (twice by the way) on Obamacare and her little foot server at Huffington Post girl tout Obamacare. Aww… been such a hard slog to sell the taxpayer funded expansion of government... Not knowing the damage has been done… success is...