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If you did not think Nancy Pelosi could make herself a more insufferable liberal beast...tells a long and annoying story that includes a lie about her 5 year old grandson....shes insane...crazy... Share your comments with Jamie below!
John McCain wants full scare war... John McCain a complete shill for the Mooj as he defends the use of "Allah Akhbar" while killing people...comparing it to using "thank God..." says that’s not to be cause for alarm at all...had his blinking terse mouth stare going here with...
Vile politicians on Capitol Hill busy themselves with Syria porn. Kerry antes up American citizens…saying boots on the ground is not being ruled out... Share your comments with Jamie below!
Jamie and the Judge discuss Syria. Today's Music: Anthem – US Marine Corp 522 At Home – Crystal Fighters 537 Keep On Truckin’ – Eddie Kendricks 550 In A Big Country – Big Country 637 Soul Meets Body – Death Cab For Cutie 648 Next Year – Two Door Cinema Club 737 Rudy - Supertramp...
Sicko American Jihadist from Syria... Share your comments with Jamie below!
STINGER Alert: ("what is the charge? eating a meal..a succulent chinese meal? oh thats a nice headlock sir") Share your comments with Jamie below!