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The Hammer on the corrupt UN just outright defending Hamas.
Ted Cruz on Obama Admin being most anti-Israel administration ever. Asking about theFAA ban on travel to Israel…why not other dangerous places? Was this a political decision? And on the True Blood Episode…so the Far Left are…
Hillary Clinton on Russia Reset. She thinks the reset “worked.” “We have these negotiations with the ‘hope’ that something can come out of them.”
CLICK HERE Carolla believes that being conservative (get up, go to work, educate their children) is something people want to do, and that hard work is the path to success.
CLICK HERE He also talks about why entitlement culture will hurt people in the long term.
Anthem – Mormon Tabernacle Choir 520 Wake Me Up – Avicii 535 Mirrors – Justin Timberlake 550 A Sky Full of Stars – Coldplay 620 At Home – Crystal Fighters 650 Come With Me Now – Kongos 720 Love Somebody – Maroon 5 750 Just a Dream – Nelly 820 Pompeii – Bastille 835 Blurred Lines...
Senator Roy Blunt discusses pertenant state issues with Speaker Jones while also touching on the crisis overseas.
Senator Jim Talent explains the escalating conflict in the Middle East and the administrations short comings on the matter.