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Obamawhore Dan Pfeiffer and his threatening "screw Congress" tones with Americans and Chris Wallace... Little sisters of the poor...Pfeiffer gets a win like no other could have...amazing..
Alex DIM Witt of MSNBC has an orgy of BS with Democrat Jersey hack Frank Pallone…as they review the Maryland mall shooting with zero facts.
Obama can’t even get an ambassador to Norway nominee to be taken seriously.....Tsunis' main qualification? he’s a fundraiser…nothing new…but usually people hide it better...sadly...McCain doesn’t protest…gives up… Tsunis described Norway as having a president ("apparently under...
Anthony Wiener is back…shameless as ever...and kisses total but on behalf of his wife...good move "most qualified person in history"? My mom? Grandma? Denys?
Dummies at Oklahoma tv station say it’s a ban on all marriage...But really it’s just not certifying any marriages....right on... - Oklahoma City, OK - News, Weather, Video and Sports |
Hayseed Bob Schieffer saw the same thing I saw Sunday morning on the New York Times magazine...planet Moonface looking thing with Hillary’s face on it...."what about this article"? Is his astute question...
Frozen to death - warning this may have distrubing images. <iframe width="560" height="315" src=" " frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
Jamie and Senator Blunt discuss healthcare, unemployement benefits & more! Anthem – The Band Perry 520 Act Naturally – Buck Owens 537 I’m In Disgrace – The Kinks 550 Lavish (Deadbeats Remix) – Mark Rae 622 Brooklyn Is Burning – Head Automatica 650 London In The Rain –...
Mr. West and Jamie discuss the upcoming Educational Policy Confrence as well as The Allen West Guardian Fund!