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Jamie and the Senator discuss his stellar performance with Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday over the weekend. It's comical and pathetic to watch the libnuts try and spin the CBO report in their favor... give it up guys...
Jim Hoft and Jamie discuss the democratic dance around CBO reports and findings. Plus - the date has been announced! CLICK HERE for information on The Gateway Pundits "Live" party! Anthem – US Navy Band 520 ThisKidsNotAlright - Awolnation 537 Lovers in Japan / Reign of Love –...
NBC calls communism a "pivotal experiment" as it thanks Vlad for the Olympic coverage rights:
LA woman will have no patience for burglars!!! Los Angeles Local News | FOX 11 LA KTTV
Keith Ellison, congressman… Americans work too much anyway... and the Obamacare deal is pro-family... unreal:
Another Obamacare mandate delay… and Trey Gowdy with another shot of common sense over the leftnut spin on the CBO report:
Candy Crowley and Janet Napolitano talk nonsense… Janet wants to be a figure skater... glad to know the taxpayers are paying for her trip... why is the homeland security chick in another country?
Chris Wallace asks Sen Roy blunt (with a stupid tree backdrop) a question that seemingly should never have to be asked in this day and age.... Also: Democrat Knob Ben Cardin has a new phrase... job lock... as if having a job just to get health care is a bad thing... we get what...
Mizzou standout Michael Sam says he’s gay... weird how it’s a top story... but then again it seems liberals will always focus on sexuality and gender and race well before conservatives do: CLICK HERE