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Photo by People miss Fat Al Roker:
Photo by Bill Maher and gang of usual suspects take it real low... as in… criticism of modern government is racist because there wasn’t much of it before Obama got elected...umhmmm. (1:48 why is...) CLICK HERE TO WATCH VIDEO
Photo by FLOTUS lectures us on public school segregation, school choice and more; as she gets her children ready for PRIVATE school:
Photo by Cheney: Obama is weak. (:28 we saw for example...) CLICK HERE TO WATCH VIDEO
Photo by Creepy billboard music awards place a ghost Michael Jackson: CLICK HERE TO WATCH VIDEO
Santorum/Kennedy interview, #StopPersecutingChristians & more. Anthem – The Fray 522 Shake Shake Shake – Bronze Radio Return 535 Walk on By – Dionne Warwick 550 Closer – the Urge 622 Get Some – Lykke LiHell 650 All That You Dream (live) – Little Feat 725 Gravity Rides...
Mother Jones smears gun rights advocates as anti-women based one big incident some dude at a firing range on mother’s day shooting and mom demanding action sign and grouping shots in the target they have in the poster. So now it’s a war against women: