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Aiding "moderate rebals" is dangerous. Essentially a terrible idea. Jamie explains:
This report coming from ESPN claims the NFL had access to the Ray Rice video that has become a media spectical. No one supports domestic violence, I mean c'mon. Yet, it seems unlikely that Roger Goodell saw the video then lied and said he didn't... but who knows. At least Madden...
Airstrikes without congress, arming Syrian rebels with congress... what's constitutional and what isn't. Rand Paul with Hannity:
Obama Mentions Killing bin Laden within First 30 Seconds of ISIS Speech. ISIL is not Islamic (1:15) At this moment, the greatest threats come from the Middle East and North Africa, where radical groups exploit grievances for their own gain. And one of those groups is ISIL --...
This company fckh8 (classy, I know)... is training race baiters one child at a time:
Coming off the heels of Gov. Nixon cutting the ***** off the local and county police, Claire decides she'll go in for round two. Despicable. Jamie breaks it down:
Buch and Clinton sit down with a moderator at the Presidential Leadership Scholars Launch Event. It's fun to see these two together and it's nice to hear GW's still got it when it comes to witty humor and banter:
Due to the "shock and awe" factor stories of rage and violence seem to get the most attention from the national media. It's nice every once and awhile to take a step back and enjoy the beauty in life. People can be kind and incredible... here's an example:
· McCaskill Militarization of Police Hearing (While this hearing may reveal many strong arguments some of this equipment may be helpful for the safety of PO… ) · McCaskill on the condition of the equipment (… of the 1033 program 36% of the property issued is new) · Alan Eztavez...