Allman's Electric Stove

Snowden says he's a patriot. I'm not sure about that but I will defend the fact that our government spying on it's citizens is un-Constitutional and inexcusable.
What rules are we exempting ourselves from while everyone plays by them? What?? And its butt monkey time!!!! On American exceptionalism... and applause? Looks like Chicago speech doesn't go over greatly in West Point: (1:19 i believe in American .... end with crappy applause...)
Jamie was meant to be the, 'Snowden's a hero' guy; Ed Dotson was meant to be the, 'Snowden's a traitor' guy... In the end they both decided that he was basically neither and rather annoying:
Gen Ralph Peters… not even sure if the President used the word "you" once: (1:07 it was an absolute exercise in self adoration)
Texas schools hold school on Memorial Day... feelings mixed... why not just be more judicious about closing schools for bad weather?
Obama's war on women reporters who dare ask him about Syria during a photo op science fair trip...