Allman's Electric Stove

NBC certainly loves Church when everyone is naked...notice how they don’t sit in pews but separate chairs: CLICK HERE
Catherine Hanaway, former GOP House speaker, has joined the Missouri governor race. Jamie spoke with her this morning for the latest.
Reince Priebus says Monica Lewinsky could be an issue in 2016. Really:
The Hammer amazed at the hubris of another Obamacare delay the employer mandate on though the 2014 elections... but gets some good pushback from commentator Ron Fournier and pushes back:
Fox Business commentators freak over LEGO movie supposed anti-capitalist theme... but the federalist points out its very pro liberty... and pro-business... the "easy target" is because they use government to stifle competition… you gotta see the movie:
"Samuel L Jackson" obliterates entertainment reporter who mixes him up with Laurence Fishburne... KTLA...sorry... I got some issue: Unfortunately your browser does not support IFrames. Samuel L. Jackson DESTROYS News Anchor -- I'm Not Laurence Fishburne, YOU MORON!!! - Watch...