Allman's Electric Stove

NSC spokesman says "dude"...!! Tommy Vietor under intense questions from Bret Baier:
Pelosi… Benghazi Benghazi Benghazi... yeah why not talk about racism and war on women:
The Hammer... not always a fire breather… says just like Watergate:
How do the left wing extremists respond to the hearings and the revelations about Benghazi? By talking about suing the us over treatment of Arab and Muslim terror suspects... the Huffington Post caring more about suspected terrorists than four dead Americans including an...
Caller Eric explains why the show should be renamed, Jamie tackles racism, slavery, Sterling and more... there's even a wagon! Today's Music : Anthem – US Marine Band 522 Secret Crowds – Angels & Airwaves 535 Better Days – Bruce Springsteen 550 Broken Ocean – Bronze Radio...
The first flying car...crap... wait until homeys and hunters get ahold of it:
ABC news shockingly balanced coverage of Benghazi:
Floods in Florida…. News chick talking about how hard it is to get around and some dude pops out on a ten foot circus bike: