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Maria joins Jamie for an in-depth look at the markets post-election day. The forecast is significantly brighter! Maria explains why that is and what we can expect in the coming years. LISTEN BELOW
Jamie and Stacy discuss election results and Stacy dons a new uniform. LISTEN BELOW
Anthem – The Fray 520 Stay Young, Go Dancing – Death Cab For Cutie 535 This Is My Life – The Hookman 550 The Look – Metronomy 620 Glycerine (Live) – Bush 650 Close To Me – The Cure 720 Merry Go Round – Kacey Musgraves 750 Fat Man In The Bathtub – Little Feat 820 Angelina – Louis...
What an interesting man and story. O'Neill says he fired the final shot. Thank you for your service.
The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Obama wrote a secret letter to Khamenei. The purpose of the letter? A push for co-operation in combating ISIS and negotiation of a nukes deal. This seems like a dangerous move. What do you think? click here to read article
John Boehner is taking a strong stance on a number of issues in the wake of this weeks election. You have probably heard of a potential amnesty action on the part of the president. Rep. Gutirrez even called for executive action immediately. We should be worried about members of...
Jamie joined Tom Murphy of Sonus Benefits for the 22nd annual Kids with Cancer Fashion Show! "Counting blessings and moments of courage at the Friends of Kids with Cancer fashion show . The 22nd year !"
Our beloved Sandra Smith has a major announcement! She also discusses the markets post elections. Spoiler alert... things are looking up! Here's the scoop:
Come January Speaker Jones will be former Speaker Jones. Tim joined Jamie to reveal (for the first time) his future plans. Here's the scoop: