Allman's Electric Stove

Thankfully this woman in Arizona had a gun to protect herself. It's almost comical when she actually shoots and intruder call him a 'nasty thing'. Also, comical the ding-dong operator who asks if she's expecting anybody... no dude:
A pilot experiencing an extreme case of hypoxia struggles to communicate with this air traffic controller. Finally another pilot chimes in and translates.
This attack is a disturbing and disgusting act of racism and violence. Notice the woman filming here says, "oh they gotta white dude," as she laughs. No replace the "white" with "black" and you can bet your a** it would be front page news. "Reverse" racism is still racism,...
Reporter Iyanla Vanzant with the Oprah network let's this man have it. 34 children? She makes him hold 14 baby dolls and keeps him in check as he drops, smacks and puts baby dolls down. You can't just put your children down dude. If only he'd stopped at 14... shaking my head:
Obama wishes people weren't looking when he went golfing after Foley announcement: Obama... no immediate threats fro ISIL:
Pat Buchanan says if we have to work with Iran to defeat ISIS then so be it. We completely disagree. This has bad idea written all over it:
Ted Cruz is coerced into commenting on Rand Paul and ISIS. Cruz does a good job of saying, look Rand can speak for himself'... yet it's clear what's going on here. Between Cruz, Rubio and Paul the MSM is doing all they can to highlight their differences and turn everyone against...
The VA scandal may be one of the most repulsive scandals to darken the door of the Obama administration. The gross neglect for our nations veterans should have every American's blood boiling. CLICK HERE TO WATCH VIDEO
Below is the trailor to the documentary Spanish Lake. The trailer has caused some controversy among viewers. White-flight? Rampid racism? A trailer is meant to tease, entertain and spark desire to view a film. It's not the entire story. It may not be the story at all. What we do...