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Back by popular demand, The Physics of Santa! If you haven't hear this little gem you're about to laugh, really hard. Back when Jamie did morning news for "The Breakfast Club" with JC Corcoran he presented a little festive piece that turned out to be a BIG hit!
Rubio Takes a Shot at Rand and Says To Oppose the Obama-Paul Foreign Policy on Cuba
At least 3 felonies are committed in the act of this anti-gun ad. Way to promote gun safety!
Do you remember Jib Jab? They had that Bush / Kerry parody ad in 2004. Well, it's 10 years later and they are still going at it.
The Star Spangled Banner –USMC Band 5:20 Mary Had a Baby – Bruce Cockburn 5:35 Feels Like Christmas – Aerosmith 5:50 I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day – Ray Price 6:20 Isn’t She Lovely – Stevie Wonder 6:50 Sexy Christmas Song – Sexy Saxophone Christmas Band Order Here 7:20 The...
Who's really to blame for the senseless deaths of two NYC police officers over the weekend? Hear what Jamie thinks:
There is much to discuss in the wake of the slaying of two NYC police officers over the weekend. Jamie and Jim do in fact discuss the incident and accountability. However, did you think Ebola was all but gone? Think again... Sharyl Attkisson made a call to the CDC... hear what...
Why would the NYPD support De Blasio? He didn't hesitate to throw officers under the bus when questions of race and police brutality started picking up main stream attention.
After the shooting of Eric Garner, De Blasio thought he'd jump on the "cops are racist" bandwagon... well that was a mistake and Guiliani says it needs to be fixed: