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Bloomberg tightens many butts at the Harvard commencement speech... pointing out the totalitarianism of the Ivy League left...brave: ( the 1950's..) Finally Bloomberg says something!!!: (11:26 when 96 %...) Bloomberg points out little known fact that tenure was...
A show favorite, Jorge Ramos, in an interesting article about true journalism. CLICK HERE TO VIEW, "Jorge Ramos: Reporters ‘Cozy with Power,’ Act Like They’re in a Club"
How the official White House video begins... with no reception of the president intro... which was sparing... now some would say he didn't want the fanfare... but he is Commander in Chief.... and his whole speech was about how great he was... so why worry about that?
Gabby Gifford's is back as she and her husband and their political action committee makes the most of the Santa Barbara killings...
Democrats hit the house floor for the proud work doing the people’s business!!! Delegate from American Samoa… nice to see small countries with privilege of being part of country abuse it by being weak leftists.
Nancy Pelosi is not so sure as she hems and haws about the VA but she is sure it's not a scandal... that is by definition... as in what it says in the dictionary... she’s not sure what Wikipedia says... and on and on...
Snowden says he's a patriot. I'm not sure about that but I will defend the fact that our government spying on it's citizens is un-Constitutional and inexcusable.
What rules are we exempting ourselves from while everyone plays by them? What?? And its butt monkey time!!!! On American exceptionalism... and applause? Looks like Chicago speech doesn't go over greatly in West Point: (1:19 i believe in American .... end with crappy applause...)
Jamie was meant to be the, 'Snowden's a hero' guy; Ed Dotson was meant to be the, 'Snowden's a traitor' guy... In the end they both decided that he was basically neither and rather annoying: