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"Why would I have to leave the National Archives, if they just attacked the Penatgon?
"I think the biggest thing that's gonna have to happen is that ultimately Republican Voters are going to have overcome celebrity … and they’ll see that Donald Trump is not a conservative."<
Carson questions authenticity of Trump's faith Trump w/ Greta : "I’m Not Sure Everyone Agrees Ben Carson Is an Excellent Doctor... he’s overrated"
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Former NFLer Jeff Kemp joins Jamie this morning to discuss his new book, "Facing The Blitz - Three Strategies for Turning Trails into Triumphs". Mr. Kemp is the Vice President of FamilyLife. CLICK HERE to learn more about Mr. Kemp's community involvement, faith and family. Hear...
Genevieve Wood joins Jamie this morning to discuss the controversial Iran Deal. She will be rallying on the Hill against the deal. Hear her interview with Jamie below: