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Mark Dice asks the question (these people vote):
Celebrity curese off... on Jimmy Kimmel... Sally Field and Julia Roberts:
Neil Degrasse Tyson trashes philosophy and says science rules... so f- Socrates? CLICK HERE TO WATCH VIDEO
Fusions Jorge Ramos is at it again this time not putting up with any of Charlie Crists' BS... insufferable mercenary Carlie Crist who was once republican and is now democrat... says republicans are all racist so he left... and then he just "goes there": CLICK HERE TO WATCH VIDEO
Trey Gowdy on Obama promises for illumination. It was Obama himself who promised to get to the bottom of it all: NOTE: Former prosecutor Gowdy challenges the medi: (:54 im not telling you how to do your job...) On Hillary disappearing act: (2:16 do any of you know why Susan Rice...
The Lightning Round! Today's edition... Jeb Bush love, Benghazi, + crazy "uncle" Joe makes an appearace! Today's Music : Anthem – Ricochet 522 I Got to Extremes – Billy Joel 535 Dangerous – Big Data ft. Joywave 550 Change – Churchill 622 China Girl – David BowieHell 650 Hell...
Representative Keith English makes a surprise guest appearance. The world needs more of this common sense bi-partisan ship!
Lib-nuts are sure to go crazy over this as long as Joni Ernst makes her play to replace Tom Harkin in Iowa: CLICK HERE TO WATCH VIDEO