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Dan Senor: Paul Ryan is calling Obama’s bluff on debt limit for spending savings Noonan: The GOP had no strategy Noonan: Obama is worst offender though because President’s have a duty to negotiate! Senor: The debt debate will pass; ObamaCare as a failure will live on, GOP/USA...
A very middle class mother on disability cannot afford ObamaCare The choice is ObamaCare OR food on the table Mountains of paperwork, the 29 ½ hour work week: all bad for small business owners This is a link to
Maher brings up the subject, Matthews questions him Maher claims Centrist Obama fears assassination; CNBC’s Carol This is a link to
The poll is a fraud 20% of respondents work for the government The demographics of the poll are HEAVILY skewed DEM This is a link to Share your...
Did you miss part of the show today? Catch up with Jamie’s interview with John Hoffmann. Share your thoughts with Jamie below.
Have a great weekend. We are off to watch sports. Enjoy The Week That Was and here is today’s music: Anthem – The Fray 520 Love Song – the Cure 537 Stellar – Incubus 550 Mara Bossa – Jazz Juice 637 Sex on Fire – Kings of Leon 648 Hello – Martin Solveig 737 Foto Viva – Mo’...
The 722 Lightning Round; is Tapper really that naive? Share your comments with Jamie below!
Ingraham and the Hammer question Ted Cruz...but what ever happened to the ball in play? The brave ones who open the discussion...that’s not an “I told you so...” That’s you rationalizing not getting on board. This is a link to
Pimco founder Bill Gross says Fidelity sell off is fun...and he things there’s not a chance in hell gov’t defaults. This is a link to Share your comments with Jamie below!