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Marc Lamont Hill (CNN) on Anderson Cooper 360 says Rachel Dolezal, the white NAACP president who has been living for years as a black woman , was actually exercising white privilege:
CNN's Fredricka Whitfield needed some help getting the foot out of her mouth after making the following statemant regarding the police headquarters shooter in Dallas: Whitfield says she mispoke... we'd say. Maybe work on expanding the 'ol vocabulary:
Jon Stewart blasts NYT coverage of Rubio's traffic violations and finances... because the NYT is ridiculous.
Green ponytail, green fake fingernails, fake eyelashes… and a lot of eyewitness stuff from police officer in involved crash in Mississippi.
You just can't make this stuff up... Spokane NAACP leader, Rachel Dolezals, is outted in interview with KXLY. Beware the following video is awkward and hilarious:
And entirely too much travel. "Flying is not an accomplishment... it's an activity..."
Andrea Mitchell says questioning the Clintons is "hounding" and use Axelrod to say its GOP fault:
Anchor Brianna Kiellar wants to know if Dr. Ben Carson thinks gays are discriminated against and she WON'T LET IT GO. Clearly, she thinks so. Dr. Carson tells her that every person should be protected against discrimination per the Constitution... not good enough. Check it out:
Yay, Don Lemon! As a gay-black man Lemon could be classified as a double minority... but he says enough. Who does Don Lemon think is the worst about PC policing? Liberals. Nailed it. Check it out below: