Allman's Electric Stove

CLICK HERE The dresscode is causing outrage because of it's ban of attire including flat-billed hats, sports jerseys, and "excessively baggy" clothing, leading some people to say it is directly targeting black people.
CLICK HERE Sarah Palin explains to Hannity why she is calling for the impeachment of President Obama: to halt an "imperial presidency". She also challenges the GOP to have the "cojones" to do it! Photo courtesy
CLICK HERE Corolla says SiriusXM has become "the man" they were trying to avoid in wake of the firing of Anthony Cumia. Obviously you should listen to more 97.1 to avoid this problem!
Really? Is there a parent around who acts like this whiney "public service" ad? National Science Foundation. CLICK HERE to see By Carrie Lukas ' take on this subject.
Jamie took a call Monday morning from a listener that was surprised that it took Jamie so long to figure out the Immigration Conspiracy correlation with the democratic agenda. Jamie responds to the caller's comment here:
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