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Black girl bullies and hits obese white boy back bus driver does nothing… white boy choke holds bully... get your hands off my auntie and get your hands off my sister...
Andrea Mitchell give Sebelius every out... CLICK HERE TO WATCH VIDEO
Atkisson on gatekeeping...the true enemy of truth: Watch the latest video at
And what a week it was! Today's Music : Anthem – The Fray 522 No Way Out – Allman Brothers Band 535 All Night Diner – Modest Mouse 550 I Go To Extremes – Billy Joel 622 All In – Bronze Radio Return 650 You Are a Tourist – Death Cab for Cutie 725 Harold T. Wilkins – Fanfarlo 750...
Obamacare, Holder, & more! Congressman Jason Smith has the scoop from the east coast!
From the republic of Illinois... bulldyke Linda Chapa LaVia thinks it’s a good idea to fight an education reform bill by calling out a black rep who dares doesn’t think like her… saying he’s just not minority enough: CLICK HERE TO WATCH VIDEO
Huffington Post winds up being relevant… as it asked Sebelius directly about quitting: