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Love the Peanut Butter Cheerios....about time Madison Avenue left Dagwood Bumstead behind.
GOP’s Mo Brooks (R-AL) on Laura Ingraham show: Democrats Waging A "War On Whites." Palestinian Journalist Rula Jebreal to Geraldo: "How Many People At FOX Are Of Arab Descent?" Juan Williams: Calls For Impeachment "Remind Me GOP Has Become Nearly All White."
Fresno leaders are upset that a white teacher is teaching a class on cultural studies... why are middle schoolers taking that class anyway?
Calling Obama's unconstitutional actions "lawless" is apparently grounds for being accused of racism.
This is an outrage... a pro-Israel marine is assaulted in front of the White House by a pro-Hamas mob.
They say the school needs a teacher who can reflect their cultural background.
CLICK HERE Bill Maher has a lot to say about the Gaza conflict - including that Hamas would kill everyone in Israel if the situation were reversed. Photo courtesy