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It's not the right that started the anti vaccine debate, as evidenced by RFK Jr & Jenny McCarthy. The Daily Show Get More: Daily Show Full Episodes , Indecision Political Humor , The Daily Show on Facebook Here's Dr. Nepute to open the discussion:
Here is a letter from someone in the know: "As I do every morning on my drive to work I was listening to your show. This morning’s interview with Sen. McCaskill proved she has a clear agenda, and a very foggy memory about the events in Ferguson. I am a commander with the St...
Lies upon lies upon lies. Let's start almost 2 years ago (around 3:45 in) Then let's jump to last week: He got caught, had to apologize - but still lied in the apology. (An hour behind isn't truly "following.') Don't forget, Hillary lied about this kinda thing too:
Jamie and Kennedy talk about her fued with Keith Ablow. Plus, Jamie brings up an old video!
Was there a cover up? A lawyer named David Slawson says so. "Half a century after the Warren Commission concluded there was no conspiracy in John F. Kennedy’s assassination, the commission’s chief conspiracy hunter believes the investigation was the victim of a 'massive cover-up...
Jamie speaks to Clair McCaskill about Ferguson and health care. Photo courtesy
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Check out this clip from 2009. Rand Paul says that mandatory vaccinations are the first step to martial law. Here's Pat Robertson throwing in his two cents about vaccination mandates....and flouride in our water.
Don't mess with Kennedy! Keith Ablow is trying to put words in her mouth MOMENTS after she said children need to be vaccinated and she is NOT having it!