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Senator Jim DeMint joins Jamie to discuss our decision the escalating (?) threat that ISIS poses and how it will affect our nation if we go through with aiding the Syrian rebels.
Maria joins Jamie to discuss how the markets are being affected by the new wave of terror threats; particularly why Australia is making news:
It's awesome to see these folks in the Philippines taking action when a boy is held hostage. It speaks to the culture that instead of standing by (as we are likely to do here) these people just handle the situation. Very cool: September 8,2014 Surigao City Philippines
Boehner acting as if congress will take time and really think about the presidents request to aid/arm Syrian rebels. That doesn't seem to be the case. He also attempts to explain who's about to "run over" the Syrian rebels... if we arm them and they still get run over, then what?
Protesters tried to block I-70 last night and police were sent to keep things calm and make sure drivers could pass. They were promptly pelted with rocks, bricks, blocks of cement, full water bottles, etc. Don't worry, they weren't wearing military gear. Or vests. Or body cams...
Anthem – Ricochet 520 After Midnight – Blink-182 535 Screaming John – Sonia Dada 550 Faithful – Pearl Jam 620 Let Yourself Get Down – Luscious Jackson 650 Thunder Clatter – Wild Cub 720 Blister in the Sun – Violent Femmes 750 Weighty Ghost – Wintersleep 820 Hang On St...
Aiding "moderate rebals" is dangerous. Essentially a terrible idea. Jamie explains:
This report coming from ESPN claims the NFL had access to the Ray Rice video that has become a media spectical. No one supports domestic violence, I mean c'mon. Yet, it seems unlikely that Roger Goodell saw the video then lied and said he didn't... but who knows. At least Madden...
Airstrikes without congress, arming Syrian rebels with congress... what's constitutional and what isn't. Rand Paul with Hannity: