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Columbus, OH This horrible beast of a woman attacks pro-life demonstrators - kicking down their signs and shoving them away. We're not sure how she's still employed by Burger King as she was supporting a BK employee shirt when this viral video was taken. She was given the...
Anthem – US Marine Corps 520 Straight to Hell – The Clash 535 Boogie Philosophy – Dephazz 550 Shiny Things – Fanfarlo 620 Spotlight – Leagues 650 Rain King – Counting Crows 720 April Fool – Manchester Orchestra 750 Mountain Man – Crash Kings 820 Beep! Beep! – Louis Prima 835...
The lovely Sandra Smith (@SandraSmithFBN) joins Jamie with her expert insight on the market and trends. Plus don't miss Sandra on Outnumbered today at 11aCT!
Jamie and Jim Hoft expose the absurd hypocrisy of Obama's 'Bush bashing' during Katrina and it's similarities with our current immigration/border crisis. Plus a crazy woman kicks over anti-abortion signs as she shouts profanity at the kids nearby.
Karl Lund is a close friend of Jamie's and true patriot. Lund is the flight leader and photographer for the St. Louis honor flight and this year he has a very interesting and heartfelt tale to tell. Below is the KSDK coverage of the event and its unique circumstances: For more...
Even a blind squirrel finds a nut every once and awhile... Andrea Mitchell's day has come... she's on fire!
Sharpton says no one needs an automatic weapon... well Al that's irrelevant as it’s our constitutional right to bear arms. Besides does anybody really still believe that disarming law abiding citizens will solve problems for anyone, anywhere?
He of three names say's Palin's call for Obama's impeachment is treasonous... everyone, EVERYONE knows it is not treasonous to criticize our President... how did he miss that?
Instead of visiting the border (to avoid turning it into a photo op) our esteemed President spent time at a bar in Denver drinking beer, hugging gorillas, and taking pictures... wait what? CLICK HERE TO SEE PHOTOS Here, he'll explain it...???