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Find out what Jamie and KJ agree and disagree on with the results of yesterdays election.
Another state department chick fumbles... after being confronted on state departments claim there is a high standard when it comes to identifying terrorism and supporting Israeli response to it:
Obama flak Earnest asked about the president maybe acting without congress of attacking companies using off shore set ups to avoid oppressive American taxes...
Pat Buchanan on Odd and misplaced Colbert set up telling all about the smoking gun tape • (1:29 40 years ago today...) • (:52 Nixon had some flaws) The Colbert Report Get More: Daily Show Full Episodes , Indecision Political Humor , The Colbert Report on Facebook
Mitch McConnell’s wife Elaine gets out there... against his democratic opponent...
Congressman Tom Marino on the Nancy Pelosi freak out on the floor... as she tried to bully him after he called Democrats out on border enforcement and Immigration: Watch the latest video at
West Virginia Coal Miner confronts Democrat Natalie Tennant and does not let her off the hook over coal killing Obama and her support of him... when the going gets tough in comes the big fat slob union boss to defend her...
First accused of being a neo-confederate now accused of being anti-Israel… Ran Paul spending a lot of time refuting lies about him... including claims he wants to stop aiding Israel.
Jamie talks to Todd Starnes from Fox News Radio about Illegals going to Hawaii and Ole Miss "racism".