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Supermodel Chrissy Teigen throws out first pitch all drunk and does a great job.
ABC's Jonathan Karl asks about going around Congress… Obama denies... granted it would have been nice if he hadn't give the President about 15 opportunities to answer the question while suspending any guilt... Funny we remember... Obama pen and a phone (:14 I've got a pen...)...
Big Dummy Joe Biden adopts children on the spot (he's had some work done...)
Joy Reid sounds like a dope... and fully directs her math in her own direction... and its actually the Brookings Institute… not the Brookings Institution.
Anthem – The Oak Ridge Boys 520 Lock Your Heart Down – Churchill 535 Contact – The Police 550 Walk of Life – Dire Straits 620 A Little Respect – Erasure 650 Hickory Dickory Dock – Etta James 720 Don’t Say Oh Well – Grouplove 750 Stiller – Incubus 820 Take it as it Comes – J...
Host of Making Money with Charles Payne rejoins the show with an update on the markets and current economical landscape.
Find out what Jamie and KJ agree and disagree on with the results of yesterdays election.
Another state department chick fumbles... after being confronted on state departments claim there is a high standard when it comes to identifying terrorism and supporting Israeli response to it:
Obama flak Earnest asked about the president maybe acting without congress of attacking companies using off shore set ups to avoid oppressive American taxes...