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Chris Matthews says you must remains silent and avoid tweeting before the King gives his speech. He's more protective of free expression when it cxomes to Al Quada than when it comes to republicans.
NBC Chuck Todd takes her five minutes into an interview and finally she breaks like all left nuts do- into incomprensible tirades...Iraq? Obstruction? Share your comments with Jamie below! CLICK HERE
Marshawn Lynch doesn't want to get caught up in the media and doesn'thave much to say... good for him. Another product of a great family. This is going to be a great superbowl! Share your comments with Jamie below! CLICK HERE
Check out this GREAT Republican repsonse from Cathy McMorris Rodgers! Share your comments with Jamie below!
Rand Paul, the eduator, delivers his response to the State of the Union.
Castellanos has used this comparison to sex in the past... Just hearing him say the word kind of grosses me out!
Obama sites another person in audience who contradicts everything he stands for regarding government involvment. He cites female "regular gal" who is CEO of GM- Mary Barra- and even John Boehner...then crescendos with women..even after he cites woman CEO...what?!
Great message from Obama..he almost sounded like Reagan! Do what you can to raise your employees wages! The very example obama used was a man who did so without government involvement! Yet Obama says government should be the one to set wages.