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Jamie and Kevin discuss the 123 day's of silence on Obamacare + plutocrats and horrible Nacy Pelosi.
Yoga pants prank dude wears pink hoodie and acts like a girl gets… guys to like is butt:
Belle Knox complains the war on women is alive and well through reaction to porn: CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO
Libertarian Gary Johnson exemplifies the very reason libertarians don’t get a lot of republicans and other conservatives on their side… look at their lists of his agenda items:
Nightline misses 123 days of no Obamacare coverage… but bring on the butt injections:
Three affordable health care lies blown out of the water:
It was great spending the morning with Ollie! CLICK HERE to see Ollie's facebook page and hear his song, "You Believed My Lies" brightcove.createExperiences();
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Did you Miss part of Today's Show? Listen to Jamie interview his former colleague at Ch4, Ollie Raymand and hear his new song! 3/18/14 Anthem – USMC Band 522 In a Big Country – Big Country 535 Knotty Pine – Dirty Projectors & David Byrne 550 Break on Through – the Doors 622...