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Six Bosnians living in the US have been exposed as potential terrorists -- one man from the St. Louis area. USA Today covers the story:
Jake Tapper at CNN zeroes in on original story......from 2003...that includes radio chatter that seems toy allude to small arms fire...all while Williams is now where near chopper hoot by rpg or small arms fire and in a chopper never hot by small arms fire (at 4:10 I want to...
Sharyl Attkisson & Howard Kurtz on Brian Williams... Brian William's is the head honcho... he's essentially the "Yes, man":
Poor (whoever he is) on Bill Maher after sitting through listening to other folks talk about Brian Williams. This guy makes the point that Hillary lies all the time and noone seems to care... he gets talked over:
National Anthem – The Fray 5:20 Faithful – Pearl Jam 5:35 You’ll Be Comin’ Down – Bruce Springsteen 5:50 Automatic Stop – the Strokes 6:38 Red Headed Woman – Bruce Springsteen 6:50 Charlie Brown – Coldplay 7:20 NBC Nightly News Theme 7:50 Love in an Elevator – Aerosmith 8:20...
Money Honey Maria Bartiromo joins Jamie this morning and speaks candidly about fellow "journalist" Brian Williams and the on-going reaction to his "misremembering".
Jordan strikes in response to the execution of a Jordanian pilot by ISIS. This video is kind of inspiring really: - Jordan launches new air strikes against ISIL for revenge
It's not the right that started the anti vaccine debate, as evidenced by RFK Jr & Jenny McCarthy. The Daily Show Get More: Daily Show Full Episodes , Indecision Political Humor , The Daily Show on Facebook Here's Dr. Nepute to open the discussion: