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Jamie and Rob agree to disagree about how interesting soccer is.
Anthem - Oak Ridge Boys 520 Saved by Zero - The Fixx 535 Dog Days Are Over - Florence + The Machine 550 Coming of Age - Foster the People 635 Over the River - Justin Hinds & The Dominoes 650 No You Girls - Franz Ferdinand 735 Broadway Jungle - Toots & the Maytels 750...
What a surprise... Dan Price, the CEO who decided to pay EVERYONE in his company 70K a year, is being sued by his brother for tanking the business... And some of his employees have jumped ship after realizing they're being paid the same amount as a ground level employee. Click...
Jay wonders: it it a good or a bad thing that Planned Parenthood and Donald Trump are the GOP's number one stories right now?
Check out Buzz Aldrin's travel voucher he had to fill out... to go to the moon! And you thought you had to jump through hoops when you travel for your job! Photo courtesy
Jim and Jamie mull over the latest Mike Brown memorial looting. Plus, Joe Biden might be getting into the Dem. primary.
Rodney and Jamie discuss Sen. Tom Dempsy's resignation.
Carson talks to Chuck Todd on Meet the Press about Black Lives Matter and the silliness of "political correctness gone amuck". He points out - of COURSE all lives matter. Photo courtesy
Donald Trump joined Chuck Todd on Meet the Press... Click HERE for the video Can you see Chuck Todd speaking to Hillary Clinton this way? How can he ask Trump how others can debate him?! Trump is being SO patient with him... Trump points out that any attack he's made has been a...