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Jindal doubles back on meeting at white house… the usual "you think that’s gonna happen"? CLICK HERE
Biden: Hillary wont effect Presidential decision:
Congresswoman Ann Wagner running for re-election and standing in line in Jeff City... Hear her thoughts on FCC police in newsrooms!
Todd Starnes w/ and update from NYC + Today's Music : Anthem – Oak Ridge Boys 520 You’re Ought to Be with Me – Al Green 537 Sloop John B – Beach Boys 550 Don’t You (Forget About Me) – Billy Idol 620 Roll Me Away- Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band 650 The Promise – When in...
Missouri Governor Jay Nixon exhibiting himself as an overweight liberal hack in DC as Gov Bobby Jindal spoke… another example of the empty please for bipartisanship from the this tape for when Nixon tries to live out his pathetic pipedream of becoming President...
What would you do with a blow dart? South Carolina: | Charleston, SC | News, Weather, Sports
Ted Nugent is now apparently the "embattled" Ted Nugent ha ha....
Rhodes Scholar Ronan Farrow no slouch in the brains department and he looks totally like Frank Sinatra it’s scary… but there’s no way he ever "grew up" with Murrow and no way Cronkite... born in 1987... but ok:
About :26 seconds I saw a white girl... in the Michelle Obama and Will Ferrell "focus group":